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Re: Applications, authentication, and hashing methods..

søn, 07.03.2004 kl. 17.41 skrev Adam Williams:

> I've done this to meet some regulatory issues (big brother says data XYZ
> must be shielded by a second secret; so wether or not it actually helps
> security isn't an issue).

As in "big brother = PHB"?

> Simply have authentication for that application use a specific search
> base (some organizational unit) that contains something like
> simpleSecurityObjects for each person/entity that should have access. 
> They can use their 'real' account, to search for the DN of that
> secondary object, and then if they can bind as that DN with the password
> there.....  It's a bit gnarly but it works.

Sounds good to me. PHB is satisfied, your Guru reputation is enhanced,
you get a raise at the next review. And all with Open Source Software :)



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