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Re: Replication: BerkeleyDB's vs. OpenLDAP's

Does this mean that we can forget about slurpd and go on with bdb replication transparently to slapd slaves ?

Howard Chu wrote:

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Does OpenLDAP make use of the replication functionality in BerkeleyDB
4.2.52? I was under the impression that OpenLDAP has its own method of
replication that is completely unrelated to BerkeleyDB's.

Correct. OpenLDAP uses the LDAP protocol for replication, it does not rely on anything else.

The reason I ask is Sleepycat seems to have released a patch related to
replication in BerkeleyDB 4.2.52 (Jan 30), and I was wondering if it would
have any impact on using OpenLDAP.

Frequently the problem in the patch description is not the only problem that is affected by their patch. However, if you haven't encountered any locking problems yet, you probably don't need this patch.

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