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Re: www.intraperson.com

In a message dated: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 09:35:00 +0530
ramana said:

>All ldapers,
>Today I finally released alpha version of intraperson. Please check it 
>out at http://www.intraperson.com

After poking around very briefly, I'm rather impressed, since I was 
about to write something quite similar for my organization, though 
probably in perl or python.

I'm curious about what the 'intraPerson' schema is though.  I 
couldn't find it defined anywhere on the web site, but the sample 
ldiff file used it.  I also couldn't (from all to briefly scanning 
the ldiff file) discern which attributes were from that schema.

I'm interested in knowing more, if you would be so accomodating :)


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