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Re: configuration so a search base is not required from an email client

ons, 25.02.2004 kl. 16.06 skrev Scott Dutton:

> When using an email client to access our openldap directory, I have
> noticed that we need to specify a search base from within whichever
> email client we use. I know that there is a way to configure the
> directory to provide a default base search so that you would not need
> to enter the search base into the email client vs leaving it blank.

Unless your LDAP server serves a single purpose, you will not wish to do
this. Most of mine are multi-purpose, both authenticating and coping
with contacts, groups, aliases etc. As such, they have different search
bases, depending on the context.

With Linux/Unix clients, such as Mozilla, Evolution etc., it's possible
to run shell or Perl setup scripts for each client, that install default
configurations. Where Windows or Mac clients are concerned, I would not
know. I used to be pretty good at MSDOS batch scripts, conditionals and
all, when I was a NetWare admin and made good use of that when I had to
include NT in the gamut. Windows admins will no doubt wish to freshen up
their batch script abilities. .bat files can do pretty powerful things,
but goodness knows where today's bright young things can gain the
necessary knowledge.



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