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configuration so a search base is not required from an email client

Hi all,
When using an email client to access our openldap directory, I have noticed that we need to specify a search base from within whichever email client we use. I know that there is a way to configure the directory to provide a default base search so that you would not need to enter the search base into the email client vs leaving it blank.
We have a good thousand email clients we don't want to have to specify this on - if possible.
If our dn is -> dc=example,dc=com and we have an "ou=users" underneath that contains all of our users in the organization, how can we get directory clients to use this as the default search path? I looked into the "base ou=users,dc=example,dc=com" statement in the ldap.conf but that is not working out.
I have noticed in the log file when I do not specify a search base in the email client, the SRCH base="". If I specify the search base within the client the log file says SRCH base ="ou=users,dc=example,dc=com".
What parameter am I missing??
Thanks in advance and if this question has been answered before, if someone could point me to the post, that would be great - I didnt seem to find much on this in search through the mailing list archives.