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RE: Replication: BerkeleyDB's vs. OpenLDAP's

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> Does this mean that we can forget about slurpd and go on with bdb
> replication transparently to slapd slaves ?

There is no support in OpenLDAP for using the replication feature in BDB.
Replication is only supported using LDAP, as I already said. But slurpd is
only one of the supported LDAP replication mechanisms; the other is syncrepl.
At the moment, slurpd is the most stable of the two. Now that the
out-of-order replog problem has been fixed, I expect the only problems
remaining with slurpd are due to the replog growing too big when a slave is

> Howard Chu wrote:
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> >>Hi,
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> >>I was under the impression that OpenLDAP has its
> >>own method of
> >>replication that is completely unrelated to BerkeleyDB's.

> >Correct. OpenLDAP uses the LDAP protocol for replication, it
> >does not rely on anything else.