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Re: Common Address Book

> OpenLDAP requires a anonymous bind, that is you have, at least, to use the flag -x 
> The idea behind my virtual ADmanager and ABuser is, that your users
> authenticate as cn=abuser (with password) and have read access, while a
> administrator has write access and can add entries and change entries.
> -Dieter
Still here and still trying.
I have added the evolutionperson.schema to the directory and updated the
user password using slappassword to generate the password and ldapmodify
to insert it into the directory.
Unfortunately this has brought some strange authentication stuff with
>From the command line I can now see everything in the directory by
entering a blank password, although this is probably because of the ACL 
access to * by * read
However if I enter a password for my user, call him mike, I get the
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

Evolution will not accept the blank password and continues requesting a
password until I cancel the message box.
One more thing I just noticed, the userPassword reported from the
command line is different to the userPassword being shown in GQ.
This is starting to look like a basic problem I have created.
Any help will be gratefully received.