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I have been struggling with making openldap work on my
RH9 system.

It seems to be working for the most part. I can use
the ldapbrowser on my Powerbook to connect as the
Manager and I get a single entry of my dn
'o=Jingmei,c=China', and I can add/edit/etc entries,
attributes and values underneith that. So, I figure it
is doing what is supposed to, but I now need to take
the next step and somehow make it do what I want.

What we want must be the most common use of ldap and
that is to simply serve names and email addresses to
email clients on our LAN. I cannot find out how to do

I am just starting to understand all the terminology,
but I think I must not be there yet, because it seems
like I need to create the whole structure, even though
there are these schemas with everything already there.

Sorry if this is noddy to some of you, but I am
clearly not quite 'getting it' yet.



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