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Common Address Book

I am trying to create a common address book of clients to be used by all
I do not wish to use LDAP for authentication or anything else at this
time, just a common address book.
I have created a directory which contains the information I need and can
query it from the command line. These queries need the -x switch to
allow simple bind.
GQ can also see the entries in the directory.
However, if I do not use the -x switch on the command line i get the
SASL/GSSAPI authentication started
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Local error

I have created ldap.pem certificate and included it in the correct
directory. slapd.conf and ldap.conf files look to be edited correctly
and I can do all I need to in the way of editing, lookups etc from the
command line with simple bind.
When I try to connect to the directory from Evolution or OpenOffice.org,
the connection wizard can see and select the base, however no entries
appear and I get a message that the data source could not be opened.

This seems to mean I must authenticate against LDAP somewhere, but I
don't know how and would like to have just anyone connect to this
directory to look up addresses.
Is it possible to set up the directory to do just a simple bind from
anyone and therefore allow lookups from Evolution?
I have tried this same setup using both Redhat 9 and Mandrake 9.1 with
the same results.

Thank you in advance.