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Re: Common Address Book

> OpenLDAP requires a anonymous bind, that is you have, at least, to use the flag -x 
> The idea behind my virtual ADmanager and ABuser is, that your users
> authenticate as cn=abuser (with password) and have read access, while a
> administrator has write access and can add entries and change entries.
> -Dieter
Sorry, mow I am getting more confused.
The previous reply suggested I was getting two separate protocols
confused, ie SAL and TLS
>From all the reading I have done on the web, I thought I had set up the
system to cover nearly everything.
The big problem is I cannot authenticate as any user, from anywhere
except the command line using a simple bind.
Even the root user fails from the command line without -x
I have obviously missed something fairly basic here and probably got
myself confused chasing complicated stuff that isn't working because of
something I haven't set up correctly.
I have read as much as I can find on the web about setting up LDAP and
all I need now is to get the authentication working.
Is there an extra switch to be set when starting OpenLDAP so that
external programs can authenticate themselves and communicate.
Please help, this is driving me crazy, everything was fairly simple and
easy until I came to the external programs, and they are the important

Thanks in advance.