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Re: Organizational structure - chart

Dave Godbey wrote:
What are the best ways to construct a schema/namespace that represent an organizational structure? I have an org chart that has a collection of offices that are organized as a tree to an arbitrary depth. eg:

Office of Operations

    Director                    555-1212
    Director Business Mangagement        555-1313
        Procurement            555-1213
        Payroll                555-1214
    Director Info Technology            555-1215


Is the semi-hierarchy with a flat base the best way to go? What other schemes are viable?

My recommendation is to put all your people under one subtree, make it as flat as possible, use the title attribute as appropriate, and also use dn attributes to reference nodes in an organizational hierarchy expressed somewhere else in the DIT.

Even better, use the inetorgperson manager dn attribute to make your reporting relationships explicit. Then your organizational hierarchy is prima facie. Of course, some organizations don't have a clear hierarchy and can't be easily represented this way. At least that's what they'll say.

Jon Roberts