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Re: {SPAM?} Re: ldaps access with RedHat 7.3 installation

http://freshrpms.net/docs/fight/ has a nice "intro" to building rpms..
but basically if you have an SRPM file.. the easiest way to rebuild it
is to do a (as root unfortunately)
rpm --rebuild whatever.src.rpm
that will go through a LOT of stuff compiling and whatnot and building a
package..  the default location will be in your /usr/src/redhat
directory under the RPMS/i386 subdirectory.
/usr/src/redhat is also the default of where the src.rpms will be
installed (sources in the SOURCES subdir and the spec files in the SPECS
subdir), but it's easier to just do a --rebuild, as you don't have to
worry about those files.. RPM handles extracting and executing the spec
file and cleaning up after itself.

if you use the freshrpms technique of creating a .rpmmacros file then
you can (and should) build as a normal unprivileged user.

On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 15:49, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 16:24, Edward Rudd wrote:
> > did you download the RPMS for RedHat 8.0? or 7.3??? And I'd just
> > recompile it anyway... (rpm --rebuild ).
> I didn't even see a RedHat 8 directory, I can download again easy
> enough. I'm not familiar with taking an SRPMS and rebuilding it, is this
> what you're referring to? Can you point me to some docs on using how to
> use SRPMS? If I install a SRPMS, where does it go to, and what do I do
> with it then, etc. I've seen notes about messing with the Spec files,
> but yet to find something that explains start to finish.
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