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Re: {SPAM?} Re: ldaps access with RedHat 7.3 installation

On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 16:24, Edward Rudd wrote:
> did you download the RPMS for RedHat 8.0? or 7.3??? And I'd just
> recompile it anyway... (rpm --rebuild ).

I didn't even see a RedHat 8 directory, I can download again easy
enough. I'm not familiar with taking an SRPMS and rebuilding it, is this
what you're referring to? Can you point me to some docs on using how to
use SRPMS? If I install a SRPMS, where does it go to, and what do I do
with it then, etc. I've seen notes about messing with the Spec files,
but yet to find something that explains start to finish.