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Re: Delay in LDAP lookups.

I would probably suspect a dns lookup issue myself.

Probably the first place I would start is putting the server into debug
mode (-d# when you start slapd, 1 is always a good debug level to start
at).   Watch the output to see if anything obvious pops up, or doesn't. 
For instance, as soon as you try that command you should see searches...
etc scrolling by.  If you aren't then it's probably a dns resolution


> I'm running LDAP as my authentication mechanism on all my Linux
> boxen. On all but one -- my primary fileserver, of course -- it works
> super-duper fine.  On the primary fileserver, however, there's roughly a
> five-second delay for _EVERY_ DLAP lookup.  For example:
> kend@nebula:~$ time cd ~kend
> real    0m5.015s
> user    0m0.010s
> sys     0m0.000s
> And ~kend is local!  Furthermore, it doesn't matter if I'm querying a
> remote host, or a local replica.  Lastly, nscd won't even start:
> root@nebula:/etc# nscd -d
> 30376: handle_request: request received (Version = 2)
> 30376:  GETPWBYUID (0)
> 30376: Haven't found "0" in password cache!
> Segmentation fault
> If anyone has any ideas, I would be *INCREDIBLY* appreciative, because
> this is becoming a huge issue.  Oh: this is a Debian client, and I've
> already uninstalled/re-installed all relevant LDAP client stuff, and
> then copied over my config files from another functioning Debian client.
>  I'm sooooo stumped.
> -Ken