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Delay in LDAP lookups.

I'm running LDAP as my authentication mechanism on all my Linux
boxen. On all but one -- my primary fileserver, of course -- it works
super-duper fine.  On the primary fileserver, however, there's roughly a
five-second delay for _EVERY_ DLAP lookup.  For example:

kend@nebula:~$ time cd ~kend

real    0m5.015s
user    0m0.010s
sys     0m0.000s

And ~kend is local!  Furthermore, it doesn't matter if I'm querying a
remote host, or a local replica.  Lastly, nscd won't even start:

root@nebula:/etc# nscd -d
30376: handle_request: request received (Version = 2)
30376:  GETPWBYUID (0)
30376: Haven't found "0" in password cache!
Segmentation fault

If anyone has any ideas, I would be *INCREDIBLY* appreciative, because
this is becoming a huge issue.  Oh: this is a Debian client, and I've
already uninstalled/re-installed all relevant LDAP client stuff, and then
copied over my config files from another functioning Debian client.  I'm
sooooo stumped.