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Re: DB log message

I have another OpenLDAP with the same versions running in other machine and it works fine. I think it could be a problem of the way and libraries used in building my OpenLDAP. I may try to recompile it, but it would be greatfull if somebody could tell me what this line on the logs mean: DB_ENV->log_flush: LSN past current end-of-log

What is the openldap trying to do when this message appears? Why this could be a problem with my openldap installation?

Thanks for your help


Dustin Doris escribió:

I was getting the same errors previously running 2.1.22 with berkeley db
4 backend.  For us, our berkeley db started becoming corrupt every few
days.  We have about 200K users and have about 1k changes come through
every day.  We were having to run db_recover to fix.

I switched back to 2.0 w/ berkeley 3 and we are not having any problems.
If you find out what was causing it, please reply and let us know.  I'd
prefer to get back to the most up to date versions.  We are still in
testing stages right now, so it would be easy to go back.

Dustin Doris

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Jorge Izquierdo wrote:

Hi everybody, I´m getting sometimes a message on the log of my openldap

DB_ENV->log_flush: LSN past current end-of-log

It seems everything works fine but I don´t know what does it mean and if
it could lead to any problem in the future.

Thanks for help