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Re: Fw: help(Is there any C++ ldap libraries?)

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 01:23:48PM +0800, claudchen wrote:
>  I've got a burning question related to my current development project:
> when i use ldap_bin_s(..) to bin my ldap sever ,return is:protocol error
> <2>,requested protocol version is not allowed,
The C-API is by default using protocol version 2. You should use LDAPv3 by
calling ldap_set_option() with the appropriate parameters.

> when i use follow C sentence to add a new entry,return is 1,2,3...,but
> when i browse openldap server(ported by me running in windows),
You should check the result of the operation by using ldap_result(). BTW
for more details on the C-library you should look at the ldapext-ldap-c-api
draft located in the "doc/drafts" directory of the openldap tarball.

> the new entry wes not exsisted there.can any anyone tell me why? 
>  uLastErr = ldap_add(pLdap,pDName,ppAttrs) ;
> claud

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