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slurpd authentication


I have set up two OpenLDAP servers in a master-slave configuration.  It
is all working fine except for one thing... the slave is accepting
updates from the rootdn because it matches the updatedn.  I know that I
need to add  a new user and use this user for the updatedn, but have not
been able to get this working.

I have added a new user (using directory_administrator) and have
configured the slave to use their details for the updatedn and give them
write access to everything, but when slurpd connects with these details,
it gets an invalid credentials error.

Boxes using the LDAP directory for authentication are accepting logins
for the new user, so I guess it's a problem with the way I have
configured slurpd:

replica host=ldapslave:389
        bindmethod=simple credentials=secret

I thought I should be using sasl authentication, but could not work out
how to do this.  (If someone could do me an example/point me at the
relevant docs, that would be great.)  Instead I used gq to change the
userPassword to plain but it is still not working.

Any advice on this matter would be very gratefully received.

With thanks... JOn.

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