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Re: nsswitch.conf:hosts files ldap dns

søn, 2003-02-16 kl. 12:21 skrev Phil Dibowitz:

> > OpenLDAP is a directory server, nothing more nothing less.
> > It does not provide means to replace NIS/NIS+/AD/...
> > This functionality is provided by third party modules like nss_ldap
> > or pam_ldap that have little / nothing to do with OpenLDAP.

> well it's the basis of a replacement for those things... but you bring 
> up an excellent point. So I guess I'm getting a little off topic here, 
> (as this pertains to nss_ldap), but my original point was that I don't 
> accept "don't use it for hosts" with no good explination,

You an Aussie, or a Kiwi? If so, why not "ixplenition"?

>  as a solution 
> to "it breaks everything else when you use it for hosts" despite the 
> fact the original authors say it can be used for hosts.

Just for the record. For me, Openldap, with or without other necessary
extras (like pam/nss__ldap, Cyrus SASL, Kerberos etc) is a magic box,
with few limitations.

You want to use it instead of NIS/NIS+? Of course you can. You want to
use it instead of DNS? (ugh) Of course you can. Etc.

Sweeping "you can't, because I say so" statements are out of place with

Just for the fun, I bunged "hosts files dns ldap" into my
/etc/nsswitch.conf. Half expecting my machine to crash. But it didn't,
of course, everything still works bootifully. But perhaps because my
/etc/hosts file is as it should be and my BIND 9.2 DNS server works as
it should.




Tony Earnshaw

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