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Re: Suggest slapd loglevel

> > > I should have asked before, but what versions of openldap, db libs,
> > > etc are you using?  What OS and build environment?  (If linux, which
> > > gcc, which glibc?)
> > openldap-2.0.9
> Consider upgrading to at least openldap 2.0.25.  I don't think anyone
> here is interested in tracking down bugs that have likely been fixed
> already.
> If I recall correctly, versions in that era might have had security
> concerns as well.


Please now someone explain to me how the bleeping versions are laid out?  
I wanted the latest 2.0 branch and settled for 2.0.9 (largest digit..?)  
How wrong I was, why is the naming so weird on there? There must be some 
convention that I do not know of.