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Re: Suggest slapd loglevel


Caylan Van Larson wrote:
> WHAT!!!
> Please now someone explain to me how the bleeping versions are laid out?
> I wanted the latest 2.0 branch and settled for 2.0.9 (largest digit..?)
> How wrong I was, why is the naming so weird on there? There must be some
> convention that I do not know of.

So, first number (!) (2.y.z) tells you it supports LDAPv3,
(1.y.z only supported LDAPv2 and is really out of date)
the second number (!) (x.0.z   x.1.z) tells you that 
there are great differences in the implementation of (here) LDAPv3.

The last number is the versíon number of the branch ...

So it's a number not a digit :
2.0.25 is the last version of the 2.0.z branch,
2.1.4  is the last version of the 2.1.z branch,
nothing magic or weird there !?!?

Hope it helps ...
> Thanks,
> Caylan

greets Harry