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Re: Suggest slapd loglevel

lør, 2002-09-14 kl. 00:26 skrev Caylan Van Larson:

> WHAT!!!

> Please now someone explain to me how the bleeping versions are laid out?  
> I wanted the latest 2.0 branch and settled for 2.0.9 (largest digit..?)  
> How wrong I was, why is the naming so weird on there? There must be some 
> convention that I do not know of.

Quite apart from what Matthew and Harry Rüter wrote, and as a confirmed
Red Hat user, I'd add my 2 EroCents' worth by saying, that what Red Hat
lays out - even the latest stuff - is mostly months out of date and (if
you like to keep up with SANS and CERT, as well as the Joneses) horribly

If there's ever a question about reliable versions, make sure you use
the latest stable source and *compile and configure your own*.
Especially all critical stuff, such as *all* software exposed to the
Internet and *all* databases and their ilk.

That's certainly the case for Openldap, which has one of the highest
update frequencies out there. You really should be using 2.1.x, with the
BDB 4 libraries.

As far as the 2.96 GCC version is concerned, all you have to do is to go
to the gcc site and see what is said there and how the people there slag
off Red Hat for ever including it. In fact, if you ever have to compile
c++ stuff with 2.96, you'll invariably get segmentation faults, which
magically go away with gcc 3.0 and higher. And make no mistake - I've
only ever found one old source package out there that won't compile with

I use Red Hat and Ximian rpms for all non-critical software, but
*everything* critical is hand-compiled and configured. It's honestly
worth the hassle.




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