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Re: Change over to anonymous binds

søn, 2002-08-18 kl. 20:01 skrev Jim C:

> Rather than doing this, can I just add another certificate to the 
> certificate file that has the correct settings or turn off ssl for just 
> the cleint on the server?

No. At any rate, I've never examined this, since it isn't necessary - as
far as I'm concerned. 

>  The problem is that my server is also my 
> gateway and I need an actual name daemon on it.

> Same here :-)

> Every time I try to 
> replace the localhost IP of the server with the FQDN I get all kinds of 
> trouble.

The FQDN of the localhost IP (normally is "localhost" . What
could be simpler? The only trouble is, that "localhost" isn't a FQDN -
it *would* be, if it were "localhost." (note the dot).

> It will spontaneously drop to runlevel 3 on bootup for example 
> or take several minutes to log anyone in.

That's what I was doing my utmost best to try and explain to you, but it
seems I wasn't successful.

> I've tried various means of 
> testing this but all indications are that DNS is configured correctly.


> Also, I cannot seem to make permanent  alterations to the resolv.conf 
> file.  Every time I reboot it, it just goes back to what it was 
> previously.

Reesolv.conf is there to tell you what your name server(s) is/are. Also,
on Solaris (SYSVR4) what order files/DNS should be consulted for the
resolver. Are you sure you're not getting your IP number from a DHCP
server? That's the only reason I can think that your resolv.conf would
alter on boot up; unless you also have your nameserver in an underlying
RC file. I don't know Solaris that ell as far as networking is

> I've even tried changeing settings in various files  under 
> /etc/sysconfig.  No dice.

Actually, that's what I meant by "an RC file".

We'll go on to your next posting now :-)




Tony Earnshaw

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