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Re: Change over to anonymous binds

søn, 2002-08-18 kl. 20:08 skrev Jim C:

> You know, I think the base problem is the inability to change resolv.conf.
> If I could specify the default DNS service as I think it would 
> work.

This would mean you'd have to run a caching name server, like I do. 

> The forwarder specs in the named.conf file would take care of the rest.

If the forwarder was to an external name server - and you have *no* DNS
server running on your own machine -, then you'll have difficulty (not
impossible) in qualifying "localhost.yournode" (you'll have to get the
forwarder DNS admin to do it for you). You'll *have* to specify a DNS
resolveable domain for your own machine.

> >>Use FQDN instead of If your' using ssl with a self signed 
> >>certificate, the HOST entry in ldap.conf should be the same as the 
> >>CommonName field in the cert.

Go and speak to someone in your org who knows *everything* about DNS. He
MUST NOT be a Microsoft MCSE or a Novell CNA, since they're all wood
between the ears and can only point and click and answer multiple choice
questions without thinking.

Sorry MSCEs and CNAs, but I've had enough experience.




Tony Earnshaw

The usefulness of RTFM is vastly overrated.

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