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Re: Please keep to pure Openldap .-)

>I'd say that pam/nss_ldap was an integral part of Openldap. If one
>downloads the PADL pam and nss modules and (after compiling and
>installing it succesfully - Linux, of course :-) casts around for the
>supporting stuff, one sees that at least half the "how do I ... ?" pam
>questions and answers on this list are superfluous. People give "their"
>answers, whilst in fact PADL has done all the work for them already.
>Nobody's praised Luke Howard for this yet, as far as I've seen.
>Well, Luke, hereby my congrats and thanks ...

Thank you. I should note that we have historically been fairly remiss in
documenting our open source software. We have collected a number of third
party links to documentation for this software at:


Also, there are mailing lists for pam_ldap and nss_ldap. See:


for more information.


-- Luke

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