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Re: can't parse "replogfile"

replogfile should be on a separate line.

Is the replogfile directive in slapd.conf no longer used?
I've read all the admin guides and the archives of the mailing list, and I can't see where my mistake is, unless I should be using the replog switch "-r" on the command line when running slurpd?

Can someone please look this over and let me know where I'm going wrong.

OpenLdap 2.0.23 on Linux 7.3

When I run slurpd in debug mode the output tells me:

Error: parse_replica_line: unknown keyword "replogfile"
Error: parse_replica_line: unknown keyword "/var/ldap/var/replication.log"

Then it says

Config: ** configuration file successfully read and parsed
Error: : directory specified in "replogfile" slapd.conf directive does not exist

A little misleading, no?

My slapd.conf looks like this on the master.

replica host=ldap2.server.rpi.edu:389
   bindmethod=simple credentials=
   replogfile /var/ldap/var/replication.log