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Re: Authentication problem

Alex Huth wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I'm a newbie to LDAP, but I look forward ;-)
> So, my problem is that I've setup the server, change the files and can't logon
> with pam-support. When I try to logon with the rootdn the following occours:

You can't logon with the LDAP rootdn.  It has just enough information to
allow binding to LDAP, and that's it.  It doesn't have a shell or a home
directory or shadow password data.  Try adding a user in LDAP (for
example, using CPU <http://cpu.sourceforge.net/>) and see whether you
can log on as that user.  Have you run the migration scripts yet?  If
so, you could also try deleting a user out of the flat files and seeing
whether you can still log in as that user.

> LDAP Password:
> Password:
> Login incorrect
> What's happened? I've changed the /etc/ldap.conf & system-auth from pam.d!
> So long...
> Alex Huth