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Re: Please keep to pure Openldap .-)

ons, 2002-07-31 kl. 09:32 skrev Harry Rüter:

> generally i agree.


> But sometimes the people write to this list, because they think
> that people here had the same LDAP-related problems, although
> it hasn't directly to do with LDAP.

> In my opinion that's not a problem for the list or for you and me.

No, not at the moment. But as soon as people start asking about Apache
modules and php interfaces, and people start answering them and we get
threads and things, then the sky's the limit.

There is GQ, directory_administrator (or whatever it's called), kldap
etc. etc. - where does one draw the limit?

> As long as the percentage isn't to high we just should ignore it 
> or sometimes give the people who asked a hint where to look for 
> help on their question ...

O.k., anybody help me with Exim ldap look up on mail aliases and the
Lachman-Laser Internet draft? Or is the correct place the Exim mailing
list, where Exim's creator is a regular contributor?

> Think of PAM. On the PAM-list they may say it`s a LDAP-problem 
> here we say it's a PAM-problem, who knows ....

> The probabillity to find someone in this list who has to do with 
> LDAP and PAM is high, so the possibillity to find an answer is high too

I'd say that pam/nss_ldap was an integral part of Openldap. If one
downloads the PADL pam and nss modules and (after compiling and
installing it succesfully - Linux, of course :-) casts around for the
supporting stuff, one sees that at least half the "how do I ... ?" pam
questions and answers on this list are superfluous. People give "their"
answers, whilst in fact PADL has done all the work for them already.
Nobody's praised Luke Howard for this yet, as far as I've seen.

Well, Luke, hereby my congrats and thanks ...

> PS.: I'm in different lists, specially in a LINUX-list, from where 
> i receive up to 500 mails/day. That's maybe why i don't have problems
> with mails that don't belong directly to LDAP. 

You on the Exim list, by any chance?

Still, I'll keep my mouth shut on this subject in future.




Tony Earnshaw

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