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Re: 1024 fd limit ?

GOMBAS Gabor wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry, I was looking at the wrong definition when I made my previous post.
> NR_OPEN is redefined in fs.h. So just issue the command 'ulimit -n 8192'
> and be happy with it.

Yes :)))

in fact i've posted the answer yesterday but the post has not reach the
list because I sent it by mistake to openldap-general ...

here is the post ...

>To: openldap-general@OpenLDAP.org, ydupont@IPv6.univ-nantes.fr
>Subject: Re: 1024 fd limit ?
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>Yann Dupont wrote:
>> the problem we have is that our 2 slaves hit more or less often the
>> 1024 open file descriptor limit. (we were quite suprised that any
>> client process use a distinctive socket to the LDAP server)
>> I understand that the 1024 fd limit per process
>> is probably due to the underlying OS/library
>> (in this case, linux with glibc 2.1)
>Well. I think I have the answer. It's quite silly, really
>ulimit -n 2048 before launching slapd seems to solve the problem...
>no recompilation needed ...
>Sorry for the last mails !
>Yann Dupont.

So here are the final words :)

Yann Dupont.