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1024 fd limit ?


I've a problem which is not directly OPENLDAP related, but I don't know
how to fix this properly.

We have 3 openLdap Servers : One master, 2 slaves. (all under linux
2.2, openldap 2.0.7, NOT THREADED (cause we had strange crash with

And a bunch (several hundred) of clients doing authentification & nss
against the 2 slaves (using libnss-ldap)

the problem we have is that our 2 slaves hit more or less often the
1024 open file descriptor limit. (we were quite suprised that any
client process use a distinctive socket to the LDAP server)

I understand that the 1024 fd limit per process
is probably due to the underlying OS/library 
(in this case, linux with glibc 2.1)

- And in case of threaded openldap, the 1024 limit remain the same...

Is there a sane way to solve this ???

I tried to raise NR_OPEN in /usr/include/linux/limits.h and recompile,
but it doesn't seems to make things better... 
And I'm not sure it's the right thing to do...

(BTW the system-wide fd limit is very much higher)

Any Ideas /experience there ?

Yann Dupont.
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