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Re: 1024 fd limit ?

GOMBAS Gabor wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 11:52:10AM +0100, Yann Dupont wrote:
> > ydupont@Enya:/$ cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max
> > 16384
> It is the system-wide limit (the sum of the number of files held open by

of course. That's what I was explaining in the 2 previous posts.

> _all_ running processes can be 16384). The per-process limit is hardcoded
> in /usr/src/linux/include/linux/limits.h:
> #define NR_OPEN         1024

In the 1st post, I said I've changed this value to 4096, recompiled
openldap & still seems to have the same limits. (that is 1024 open

So the question is (& it's probably not openLDAP related at all now) is
changing NR_OPEN form 1024 to 4096 supposed to work and raise 
the limit to 4096 open file/socket per process ??

Or do I have to change others include/library ???

Stricly openLDAP related issue now : IF we can't pass this 1024 fd
barrier, is it possible to use a forking model in that case ?? If I
understand correctly, threads shares all ressources (and so, the 1024
limit is for the whole set of threads) - forks, instead are real
processes ... and don't suffer from the same problem... 
But I doubt there is such a mecanism in openldap 2.0.7 (and I imagine it
will complexify code a little...)

Yann Dupont.