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Re: slapd.replog not being written to

At 01:42 PM 9/8/99 -0500, Amy Tebbe wrote:
>OK, I found my error.  I believe you can't have spaces in a dn listed
>in the ACL.  When I removed the spaces, all worked fine.  I think
>I saw this in a recent thread as well, however I was following
>the examples in the slapd/slurpd admin guide which do have spaces.

The DN regex's shown in the u-mich access examples appear to be
incorrect.  As noted in the text, DN regex's are matched against
an entry's normalized DN.

>Is this a typo in the slapd guide or a change in openldap?

I believe it's a typo.

>In general, should you always have no spaces in a dn, including ldif files? 

In general, no.  The software will normalize DNs as needed.
The software will, however, expects DN regex's be
written to match against normalized DNs.