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Re: LDAP v3 and other features

At 11:20 AM 9/8/99 -0700, Yuri Rabover wrote:
>I know that a similar question has been asked many times, but as
>our development effort may depend on the answer, I'll try again.
>Can anybody familiar with the OpenLDAP development give me some hints
>when certain parts of v3 support are going to be available?

As we rely on volunteer developers, we do not publish schedules.
There still lots to do before OpenLDAP 2.0 is released for general
use.  You are welcomed to join in the openldap-devel discussions
and aid in development in anyway you can.

>I am especially interested in controls and extended operation support.

We'll have support for certain controls and extended operations.
The initial release will likely only include support for only a
few key extensions (such as ManageDSAit).

>If we don't have this feature we may have to implement some additional
>intelligence in the client software and our intention is really to
>keep the clients as thin as possible.

If you want clients which can interoperate with any LDAPv3 server,
I recommend your design only rely on core LDAP operations with no
critical controls.

>My understanding is that what
>today is called OpenLDAP-2.0 will eventually implement all v3 features.

OpenLDAP-2.0 will provide an implementation of LDAPv3.

>What is the likelyhood to get certain features earlier?

All LDAPv3 development is being done for OpenLDAP-2.0.  These
features will not be released for general use prior to 2.0.

Please redirect follow ups to the openldap-devel mailing list.