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Re: slapd.replog not being written to

At 05:20 PM 9/7/99 -0500, Amy Tebbe wrote:
>In my first attempt at setting up replication (1 master, 1 slave), I
>have been stumped early.  The replogfile (/var/ldap/slapd.replog)
>is never written to after doing a modify on the master.  I
>tried putting the log files in different places, in case it was
>a permissions problem (/var/tmp /var/log) but no change.

I suggest talking a look at tests/data/slapd-repl-{master,slave}.conf
slapd.conf(5) files as an example.

>I do have the replica listed in the master slapd.conf, but according
>to the slapd/slurpd admin guide, I don't think that is needed just
>to write to the replogfile.

The replication log is written whenever the replogfile directive
is set.  An error message is generated if the file cannot be appended
to.  If you have a typo in the directive itself, you should see
some sort of config error (stating that the directive was ignored).

>Note: I did the modify on the master directly to eliminate the problem
>being referral or other communication between master & slave.

I suggest removing any default referral on the master for now.