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Re: LDAP properties in Netscape

Michael Ströder wrote:
> ...
> And maybe all Navigator programmers don't see it because no non-USASCII
> characters appear in U.S. attributes.
> I reported this bug several times in the netscape.directory.*
> newsgroups. Other european people (french, scandinavian, spanish) did
> complain about it there, too. But no change since 4.5 => I gave up.
> > but escaped
> > characters are interpreted correctly within some LDAP URLs at least.
> No, they are definitely not handled correctly. If I type the german
> umlauts directly with the URL the entry is found. If I have an encoded
> german umlaut the entry is "Not found". And the irony is that this
> worked perfectly until NS Communicator 4.08 (which does not produce
> encoded URLs).

Okay, I understand now.  Thanks for clearing up my confusion.  So this
is a character set conversion issue (i.e., somewhere Navigator is
converting characters when it should not be when following LDAP URLs or
Navigator is neglecting to convert characters to UTF-8 when creating

There are actually quite a few Navigator programmers who are savvy about
these kinds of issues.  I'll see if I can get them to fix this in a
future release.  Another option would be to join the mozilla.org effort
for Navigator/Mozilla 5.0 and provide a patch -- but last I heard LDAP
was not yet integrated into the 5.0 code.

Mark Smith
iPlanet Directory Architect / Sun-Netscape Alliance
My words are my own, not my employer's.   Got LDAP?