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Schema & LDIF docs (Was: Thanks Kurt! .. and some more Question..)

At 01:20 PM 8/24/99 +0800, Rosdi Kasim wrote:
>Now, where can I find documention for LDIF?

OpenLDAP 1.x uses U-Mich LDIF.  This is described by ldif(5)
manual page.


You might also review the ldapadd(1) man page.  You should, in
general, use ldapadd(1) to add new entries to your directory.
ldif2ldbm(8) is designed to be used in conjunction with ldbmcat(8)
and doesn't do any schema checks.

>A URL will help. I'm trying to
>create a sample LDIF file so that I can import it into my LDAP server (using
>ldif2ldbm perhaps). I need to know what attributes are available, and what
>it means.. etc..etc..

Well, most of the attributed/objectclasses provided by OpenLDAP 1.x
are described by RFC.  These are contained in the doc/rfc directory.

However, in general, I suggest you browse one of the schema sites:

http://www.hklc.com/ldapschema/	(seems to be off line at the moment)

I've also started a schema section in the FAQ.  As always, you
are encouraged to add useful answers to the FAQ!