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Re: LDAP properties in Netscape

Ken Hughes wrote:
> I am using Netscape clients to access my LDAP directories and that works
> wonderfully. But when I try to bring up the properties for an entry, it
> switches to my browser with the following URL:
> ldap://ldap/cn%3DUser%20Name%2Co%3DOrganization%2Cc%3DUS
> and "Not Found" in the html body. What did I miss?

This only happens if the DN contains non-USASCII characters like german
umlauts or accented characters.

Unfortunately the Netscape folks messed up generating the LDAP-URLs in
the address book. The LDAP-URL you mentioned above is URL-encoded but
Navigator itself seems to expect LDAP-URLs to be not encoded, like

  ldap://ldap/cn=User Name,o=Organization,c=US

Ciao, Michael.