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Re: Inconsistent answer from LDAP Server

Yoann Gini wrote:

Le 13 févr. 2015 à 17:40, Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> a écrit :

The level of presumptuousness here is too damn high…

Yes, by you. Moron.

Try to read nothing and always say it’s the other guy. Wonderful.

I wrote 80% of the OpenLDAP codebase as it exists today. I know perfectly well what is or isn't in the code. Moron.

lol !

So, if you really write 80% of the OpenLDAP codebase, I perfectly
understand why you report the error on other people by default.

This is pretty common in computer science « I have the true, other
people are moron, I don’t want to share my knowledge because you are too
dumb to receive my instructions ».

I shared my knowledge with you - I told you there is no such function as you asked about in the OpenLDAP code base, and the question you're asking is specific to Apple's proprietary changes in their build. Those are facts, which you moronically chose to ignore.

By the way, buying and selling knowledge is my work. If you really
want to have people buying support contract, start by answering their
question and then offer a contract instead of sending invoice for each
question you don’t want to answer. You will get way more contracts like

Nobody on this list mentioned support contracts besides *you*. No one here wants to sell you anything. Moron.

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