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Re: OpenLDAP client configuration with CentOS 5.3

Le 01/03/2010 10:43, Cool The Breezer a écrit :
Thanks for suggestion. However still no luck.
Yes _e3user was password. I tried -W and -w too.
BTW, let me again repeat the steps done for configuration

- Install openldap
- Change /etc/openldap/ldap.conf property file
- Tried to login to linux box using LDAP credential -> it did not work
- Tried running authconfig with enableldap, enableldapauth etc... with
-update all filter
- Tried to login to linux box using LDAP credential -> Linux box
unexpectedly closed the connection and putty window closed
- Tried to run ldapsearch.....here I am now

Do you think, there are some steps or configurations I am missing.

Yes. To login via LDAP on your Linux box you also need to configure PAM and NSS. Plenty of information on that by googling.

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