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Re: Unable to re-connect to *Local* OpenLDAP server using JLDAP when network is interrupted

Safdar Kureishy wrote:
I'm running into this problem using JLDAP against an OpenLDAP server
whenever the machine temporarily loses its network connectivity, or perhaps
switches from one network to another.

After this happens, I am unable to connect to the OpenLDAP server using the
LDAPConnection.connect() method on JLDAP. An LDAPException is thrown
indicating a "Connect error".

I recently endured a series of nasty network interruptions. My OpenLDAP/JLDAP applications worked fine throughout on both local and remote hosts as long as the hosts were visible. In other words, I don't believe I can duplicate this problem. If you send instructions on recreating the scenario (w/ Linux), I'll be happy to try.

The only way it seems to fix the issue is to bounce the OpenLDAP server. At
that point a connection can get re-established.

What I do run into sometimes is pooled connections failing when the directory server is bounced ie. your solution can be my failure. This separate issue is not surprising, but I will be interested to code a fix :)

Jon Roberts