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Unable to re-connect to *Local* OpenLDAP server using JLDAP when network is interrupted


I'm running into this problem using JLDAP against an OpenLDAP server
whenever the machine temporarily loses its network connectivity, or perhaps
switches from one network to another.

After this happens, I am unable to connect to the OpenLDAP server using the
LDAPConnection.connect() method on JLDAP. An LDAPException is thrown
indicating a "Connect error".

The only way it seems to fix the issue is to bounce the OpenLDAP server. At
that point a connection can get re-established. Strangely, when I use
ldapbrowser (not sure which libraries this tool uses), network issues don't
hinder connectivity.

Does anybody know what the issue might be - either with JLDAP or with
OpenLDAP? I have tried this using OpenLDAP that listens on localhost:389 as
well as <LocalMachineName>:389, but the behavior is the same in both cases.