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Re: ldif import problems

Matthew Rasnake wrote:
I'm attempting to import an ldif I exported from Thunderbird. I have the
latest mozillaAddressBookEntry.schema i could find, and have had no
trouble with the general setup of openLDAP or with importing the basic
init.ldif as specified in the setup guides i found online.

Exporting from a Thunderbird address book gives me entries with mozillaAbPersonObsolete. Assuming this is in the schema, is the schema added via your slapd.conf?

Also, the distinguished names are no good because they don't specify a base.

however, when i attempt to import the thunderbird ldif file, i get the

invalid value for attribute objectClass
slapadd: could not parse entry (line=15)

line 15 of the ldif is a blank line.

Then the issue is with the prior entry.

anybody have any ideas or pointers?

You'll get better assistance if you post the ldif.

Jon Roberts