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RE: Sync question

That's what I thought.  Thanks.  We are actually running 2.4.36 at the moment.  

Norman Singley
Directory Services
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--On Friday, November 18, 2016 4:49 PM +0000 "Singley, Norman" 
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> My question regards synchronization.  We are using "refreshandpersist" 
> for syncrepl.  For the hour or so it takes to do the migration, users 
> will be changing Passwords – that should be the only oldap changes 
> made in that time.  Will the password changes that get written to the 
> two existing nodes sync over to the third node when we bring it back 
> up, or will they be lost and we would be out of sync?

The third node should "catch up" with the other masters.  I will assume you're running the current OpenLDAP release (2.4.44).



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