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Sync question

Hi folks –


Just a quick question I couldn’t quite find the answer to in the oldap documentation. 


We have a multi-master oldap with three nodes. One node is on a physical machine, and we are planning on doing a physical to virtual migration soon.  All three nodes are part of a DNS round robin.  We will take the physical node out of the DNS round robin, do the migration and bring the virtual back in. 


My question regards synchronization.  We are using “refreshandpersist” for syncrepl.  For the hour or so it takes to do the migration, users will be changing Passwords – that should be the only oldap changes made in that time.  Will the password changes that get written to the two existing nodes sync over to the third node when we bring it back up, or will they be lost and we would be out of sync? 


Thanks for any clarification.



Norman Singley

Directory Services

University of Montana

406 243 6799