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Antw: Sync question

>>> "Singley, Norman" <Norman.Singley@mso.umt.edu> schrieb am 18.11.2016 um 17:49
in Nachricht <C577C5765FAB0D4A99B7534FA5BAF8A184D89E6D@UMMAIL01.gs.umt.edu>:
> Hi folks -
> Just a quick question I couldn't quite find the answer to in the oldap 
> documentation.
> We have a multi-master oldap with three nodes. One node is on a physical 
> machine, and we are planning on doing a physical to virtual migration soon.  
> All three nodes are part of a DNS round robin.  We will take the physical 
> node out of the DNS round robin, do the migration and bring the virtual back 
> in.
> My question regards synchronization.  We are using "refreshandpersist" for 
> syncrepl.  For the hour or so it takes to do the migration, users will be 
> changing Passwords - that should be the only oldap changes made in that time.  
> Will the password changes that get written to the two existing nodes sync 
> over to the third node when we bring it back up, or will they be lost and we 
> would be out of sync?

If changes were lost, it wouldn't be synchronization IMHO, but take care that the time is correct on all nodes!

> Thanks for any clarification.
> Norman Singley
> Directory Services
> University of Montana
> 406 243 6799
> Norman.singley@mso.umt.edu