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Re: Can't add "same" mail attribute with different cases.

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> --On Thursday, November 17, 2016 11:27 PM +0100 Patrick Zacharias
> <LittleFighter19@web.de> wrote:
>> The gerrit devs (if I recall correctly) argued that this behavior is
>> intentional as due to the standard, mails can be case sensitive and get
>> to different recipients.
> I would stop using a product written by developers who are so clearly
> clueless. Zero part of the internet is going to work with them if they treat
> email as case specific.

Hmm, not fully true. See also:

I took the mainly same comment herein:

And also read the postings about "Support for email address internationalization
in RFC5280 certificates" on ieft-smime list.

> I would in fact point to rfc1274,

Obsoleted by RFC 2524.

This is only an issue if an implementation insists on storing the <Mailbox>
productions (see RFC 5321) of two _different_ mailboxes, which only differ in
case of the local part, in one entry or generate the RDN based on this <Mailbox>
production. In my world the first is highly unlikely, the latter might be quite
usual but could be avoided.

Two things are contributing to the confusion in case-sensitive-vs.-insensitive
discussions (see also the POSIX name discussions on ietf-ldapext):

1. different use-cases impose different case-handling

2. case-respecting handling (for storage), like implemented in OpenLDAP, is most
times overlooked

=> the gerrit devs should review their position based on different use-cases

Ciao, Michael.

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