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Re: Re: Can't add "same" mail attribute with different cases.

--On Thursday, November 17, 2016 11:27 PM +0100 Patrick Zacharias <LittleFighter19@web.de> wrote:

The gerrit devs (if I recall correctly) argued that this behavior is
intentional as due to the standard, mails can be case sensitive and get
to different recipients.

I would stop using a product written by developers who are so clearly clueless. Zero part of the internet is going to work with them if they treat email as case specific.

I would in fact point to rfc1274, which SPECIFICALLY notes that the "mail" attribute is NOT case sensitive.

9.3.3.  RFC 822 Mailbox

  The RFC822 Mailbox attribute type specifies an electronic mailbox
  attribute following the syntax specified in RFC 822.  Note that this
  attribute should not be used for greybook or other non-Internet order

    rfc822Mailbox ATTRIBUTE
            (SIZE (1 .. ub-rfc822-mailbox))
    ::= {pilotAttributeType 3}

I also suggest reading RFC822, section 3.4.7:


       Except as noted, alphabetic strings may be represented in  any
       combination of upper and lower case.  The only syntactic units

    August 13, 1982              - 14 -                      RFC #822

    Standard for ARPA Internet Text Messages

       which requires preservation of case information are:

                   -  text
                   -  qtext
                   -  dtext
                   -  ctext
                   -  quoted-pair
                   -  local-part, except "Postmaster"

       When matching any other syntactic unit, case is to be ignored.
       For  example, the field-names "From", "FROM", "from", and even
       "FroM" are semantically equal and should all be treated ident-

Now I'd like to know if it possible to modify the scheme that way so that
mail works case sensitive (because that's also what the standard says).


Or if there is a way to force the creation of entries with the "same"




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