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Re: Attribute pwdPolicySubentry

Michael Ströder wrote:
Borresen, John - 0444 - MITLL wrote:
Interesting!  I was able to add it via command-line with ldapadd.  But, when
viewing it in Apache Directory Studio, it still didn't show up -- that is
until I enabled Operational Attributes.

Attribute 'pwdPolicySubentry' is somewhat special because it's not referenced by
any object class. You can simply add it to any entry.

It is an operational attribute, so by definition, it can be added to any entry.

Apache Directory Studio is schema-aware and likely it implements a client-side
schema check which failed.  Although my web2ldap has also full schema support it
deliberately does not implement client-side schema checks for this very reason
(guiding instead of enforcing).

BTW: That's why I asked in my first response:
"Which component does produce this error message?"

Ciao, Michael.

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