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RE: Attribute pwdPolicySubentry

Interesting!  I was able to add it via command-line with ldapadd.  But, when
viewing it in Apache Directory Studio, it still didn't show up -- that is
until I enabled Operational Attributes.

But...it appears to have been loaded for one user.  Good!


John D. Borresen (Dave)

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El 17/12/15 a las 19:19, Borresen, John - 0444 - MITLL escribió:
> Btw, I am seeing that error, when attempting to add the attribute 
> "pwdPolicySubentry" to a specific user.
	I had this same problem when I make changes to this attribute with
client Apache Directory Studio. Anyway, that change is done, so I didn't
care about it.

	I haven't tried to make it directly with ldapmodify.

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