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Re: Attribute pwdPolicySubentry

Borresen, John - 0444 - MITLL wrote:
> Interesting!  I was able to add it via command-line with ldapadd.  But, when
> viewing it in Apache Directory Studio, it still didn't show up -- that is
> until I enabled Operational Attributes.

Attribute 'pwdPolicySubentry' is somewhat special because it's not referenced by
any object class. You can simply add it to any entry.

Apache Directory Studio is schema-aware and likely it implements a client-side
schema check which failed.  Although my web2ldap has also full schema support it
deliberately does not implement client-side schema checks for this very reason
(guiding instead of enforcing).

BTW: That's why I asked in my first response:
"Which component does produce this error message?"

Ciao, Michael.

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